Demons: A Poem

Come, join me in my wicked rhymes
Where ghosts are haunted and zombies die
I have a sickness, or was it a disease?
I can write tragic, deafening poetry
It all began when demons came
A demon crawling for it was lame
That vice of virtues and twisted plots
Where hearts are bruised and sorrows sought
I seen a demon, “please tell,” said she
“Had it a pretty smile like me?”
“Yes, smiles – plastic and all around
With hearts of foam that beat underground”
It was you yourself who came to me
Upon the edge of my words and toxic fantasy
I indulged that demon to the point of love
A ring she asked and contracts thereof
I couldn’t wait to have her whole
I called the devil to bid on my soul
That poor wretch and wicked beast!
Failed to show – my soul sold least
Had he been there to bid upon
This heart of gold to beauty drawn
I wanted much for her to stay
But she asked for money and I for prayer
Before the night could yet commence
She called it quits and burnt frankincense
That wicked beast of ages past
He never showed – but then alas!
A bright light and broken glass
A being stared back at me so crass
I awakened from my fantastic rhymes
For the beast, the demon, were both I

Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev

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