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In Red: A Poem

Crimson colors wash a dress

Worn to the rhythms of a chest

Containing a fragmented heart built to impress


Red satisfies like a thousand colors

Wears you out by a thousand lovers

Your wrists are draped in pearled hollows


Love you softly with tender low-key

Pick a mood where you unclothe me

Knuckles clenched leave me torn and lonely


Find a gaze where I am youth

Where I bleed emotions—not bulletproof

Seek and ye shall find my truth


Drip with myth your tender lips

Caress my chin, you unclenched fist

Hasten the night, you subtle bitch


Emotions wide and vast like seas

Bermuda Triangles she depletes

A stone for bread in times of need…


My love is lust that borders violence

I have a date with grave impatience

A sacrificial lamb borne on times ancient


A touch for taste her hands desire

A rush for paced her sex satires

A love for haste her heart requires


God, that stubborn gaze of hers

A thousand bruises, a thousand cures!

Her cosmic extravagance while I’m demure…


I approach with nothing left to say

My words engraved, infinite poetry

Your look is fixed—so cruel. Touché


Is there a lyric left to write?

Are you hysteric due to fright?

Are there no lovers to indict?


Casual cruelty is your forte

Jaded courtesans of various shades

Circle your body for days and days


Do you not know that I am human?

That I have hopes and grand delusions?

That I breathe smoke and ache perfusions?


Satans carve your face like razors

Beauty peeled away like vapors

Image-scarred mind without erasure


In a hundred years, when the dust is settled

When my dead body with gossip meddled

Is left a mystery for poets to peddle


The world will want to know you too

They’ll ask for red, I’ll give ’em blue

They’ll ask for me, but who the fuck are you?


Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev

Dedicated to “Kitty”–for being yourself; that is, an enticing muse. In other words, fuck you, and I won’t dedicate shit to you–not this poem at least. Not now, not ever. 


The artwork featured in the blog banner is Vicente Romero’s. Please check out his paintings here: https://vicenteromero.wordpress.com

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