Words and Souls

…So tender, so smooth
Words are filling the grooves
Of your soul
You already know
That I care
Will always be there
…But stars disappear

Your heart is a mountain of love
Not giving me up
Wrapped up so tight
Got you by my side
No reason to hide

Softly I break
Honey for pain
Your grace like a chain
Gentle to me
So nice and so kind
Words giving life
Truly you are what you say
Who’s got all of this?
Nothing deserved
…But I’m drowning in it
Soaked through a bit
Tongue in my cheek
Giving it back
So you can keep it for me

Your grasp like a fog
Or maybe you’re god?
Oh, I almost forgot…
…You’re so good with your lips
Can we stay here a bit?
Rest here and sit!
Love’s never too quick…

To pass us by

If I give you time
Say what you will
Tell me you’ll stay
Oh, words are like souls
Forever they glow
Fires drench ice
They simply ignite
Ah, but your eyes
Caressing the tides
Waters of my heart
Still churning inside
Your words are like souls
Blessing my heart
Was broken apart
I’m trading my parts for a whole
Together we’ll grow
Through the changes
The world won’t erase this
I’m still aching for places
For times well-spent
Over crooked and bent
That’s not all of it
I’m still hopeful for us
In your words I can trust
Live loving or bust
Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev

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