A Stained Love: A Poem

Of ever soft lips

And perfect finger tips

That mind of mine revolves

Without a problem solved

Her gaze itself a wonder

With eyes that silence thunder

I’m mystified, in vain

To love with such a pain

Of pain and memories forsaken

That mind of mine still shaken

By ever gentle whispers

Of her ever perfect gestures

If ever there was love

If ever guidance from above

Then she alone it is

Whom my soul chooses to miss

Of hands that feed the fire

And passion that won’t tire

My heart of her still dreamin’

Beneath the stars of heaven

Of hope that has no end

A patience that transcends

The lust and blood of others

I dream, a love that never suffers

Of pain and no forgiveness

My mind drifts in the stillness

For her alone I’ve hurt

With a kiss so undeserved

Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev

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