The Power of Love: A Poem

Amidst the joy and suffering,

Within a steady pain,

There rises, that beautiful thing,

Ah, Love, with all its gain.

Is there any hope for us?

Is there a place I can rest?

To wrap my arms with trust,

And pray that I be blessed.

Have I failed you, my Love?

Have I hurt you ignorantly?

If I could just be careful of,

The words that you’ve said to me.

And so, my beloved,

My most cherished possession,

Will you allow it?

Will you allow my obsession?

I have loved you ever,

I have watched you grow,

I have hurt you never,

Allow me to never let you go.

May my words of honey,

Clothe you with warmth,

May your days be sunny,

Without the bitter hurt.

I simply beg, my Queen,

My utmost and my crown,

If ever you have seen,

A lover who has drown?

In your waters and waves,

Has anyone yet died?

In that coveted cave,

Where hope and peace reside?

Have I seen your glory,

I have loved you tender,

I have not hidden your story,

To those who, to you, surrender.

Ah, Love, have I found thee,

You have kept me safe,

As I have sailed your sea,

From any hurtful wave.

Strength, I do not ask,

Only  joy, rest, and peace,

All else has failed to last,

So, forever, with you, I wish to be.

Yes, Love, I have sought you alone,

May my life be forever yours?

May I sit upon your throne?

Ah, to what heights with you I’ll soar!

Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev

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