A Recalled Romance: A Poetic Tribute to Søren Kierkegaard

I met a girl not long ago,
She was young, flamboyant, and lively
Her eyes, like diamonds, would display and show,
A love that was true and timely
At first, I merely cast aside
All thoughts of our hearts joining
But despair left me with the tide
Before long, “mad love” was I coining
Our talks went from God to love
From madness to burning desire
Before long, I would respond
And call her my Little Liar
For lie she did, that pretty girl
For carnal love was not eternal
I knew her well, and so I learned
How to make our love immortal
At first, I asked to hold her hand
To warm her when she felt cold
I would caress her and not pretend
About the way she drew my soul
Ah, that girl! She loved me too much
My sorrow, my depression she turned to naught
She’d hold me tight, with gentle touch
And soothe my aching heart with love
Then, as quickly as it all started
I began to feel a burning urge
The desire took strong hold, so I departed
And left her there, in love submerged
I left her, for I had my reasons
I wanted to cherish her forever now
For marriage strips love of all meaning
And tears apart love’s greatest vows
For love’s vows are rather simple
You must let go before you commit
For once committed, your love is stippled
By the futility of all marriage gives
For those who are married are truly sad
For they have attained what they desired
The love they wanted became a fad
For which they couldn’t maintain the fire
They wanted love and love they got
But what they got annulled desire
Thus, they slowly fell from the top
And lived happily-never in cold mire
But I, I wanted something else
I was willing to forsake my wants
I left that girl with tears myself
for a love that never haunts
The love I sought was truly eternal
It remained unchanged—forever—in my mind
Every precious moment that we’ve been given
Has been kept and brought to life
And even now, to this day still
Beneath the fiery stars of Heaven’s Gates
I lie awake, with joy and thrill
As I recall those memories made
For my love, baby, is not one drop carnal
It is truly not of this world
For you alone have I loved, darling
Forever you, alone, remain my girl.

Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev
This poem is dedicated affectionately to Søren Kierkegaard. May the love he had for Regina Olsen forever remain in the minds of his readers. He is, perhaps, the greatest thinker that has ever lived.

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