Green Eyes: A Poem

Like ocean waves that stroke my shores
Your eyes they gently pull me close
I forget my toil and mundane chores
Knowing you, my heavenly dose
I could stare at you for hours
Forgetting life and all its sorrows
I’ve yet to find a love like ours
Where pennies meet heaven’s sparrows
I am silent in your beauty
How could words be used here?
Words lose meaning and their duty
As my mouth stumbles beyond repair
Your hair is flowing like falling waters
Like rivers running an endless trek
Your locks – in pairs – like twins and daughters
Embracing softly the length of your neck
Your cheeks are high like canyons rising
Protecting every unforgettable smile
Your cheeks turn red in perfect timing
As I place kisses, awaiting trial
Ah, but your lips are like red scarlet
They taste like fruit from east of Eden
Your virgin lips shame lying harlots
To kiss you, I’ll suffer damning treason
I am captivated! I’ve been sold!
Like a slave who’s run by night
Let them take away my soul
So long as I see your green eyes

Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev

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