Forever Yours, ‘Till Sun Burns Out: A Poem

Like lovers arms amidst a fire
So is your love inside my soul
Of whom you think, may I inquire?
Or who is it that makes you whole?
Is it not I, my love, my precious?
That makes you feel inside like gold?
More worthy than some pearl – special
Out on the market, being sold
In time, I’m sure, you will believe me
For I have waited passed my time
I will keep waiting until you steal me
From desire’s gates and fires bright
To me your words are like warm honey
Your love, and laugh, they soothe my soul
Into your arms I will keep running
After the fires all burn cold
Have I not yet made your approval?
Have I just ran the race in vain?
Have I been defeated by some cruel,
Unknown force, that brought me pain
Yet, you remind me, in my sorrow
You it is, who brings me life
You alone hold my tomorrows
Inside your beating heart at night
I have been conquered. I’ve been defeated!
My love, you have captured me by dawn
What have you done to me, my sweetie?
For you alone it is I long
I cannot overcome my passion
I have been bound in chains for years
You have taken my last transgression
And you have clothed me with your tears
Ah, a wretch I am, inside this palace
This house, this place, this life of mine
I will keep words upon a balance
I’ll weigh them, hear them, and treat you right
I’ve no intention of ever leaving
Not one thought, no slightest plea
You alone, my love, are worth keeping
To you I come; to you I cling
I have wandered many hours
I have rummaged through the treasures
I’ve not found a love like ours
Such a rarity! Without  measure!
May God keep you, may He bless you
May He give you what you ask
For you pray that we remain true
And that forever our love may last
I’ve heard your prayers, your petitions
I’ve even prayed that you may pray
May my prayers come to fruition
And may my nights become your days
Darling, sweetie, honey, and princess
I thank God for you always
Your eyes, I forever miss them
When for a minute I am away.
Consume me, darling, with your gaze
For I am here forever now
You have set my heart a blaze

Forever yours,
‘ till sun burns out.
Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev

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