The Midnight Poet and His Lover: A Poem

When I first met her,

That time around New Years,

It took more than letters,

With poems and good cheers.

For her heart she kept,

As the Spirit commanded,

Her thoughts never slept,

‘Till Divine Mercy descended.

She played her part well,

A girl pure and chaste,

Love, her fragile heart held,

With no passionate haste.

She guided herself,

There was no use lying,

Without whorish mess,

And deceitful sighing.

I’ve gazed from afar,

Being deeply attracted,

Her eyes gazed back – dark,

With no passions neglected.

It took me some time,

Yes, time and a poem,

To look in those eyes;

Be found faithfully in them.

You’d think she’d surrender,

To waves of love only,

But some words she remembered,

To not give in wholly.

Her heart was a treasure,

A gold chest, she told me,

And so, with good measure,

I’d rescue her solely.

I fight with patience,

To prove that I’m loyal,

With no hesitation,

Without sleep I would toil.

She realized, by then,

By my looks I was weary,

She knew I would win,

For my eyes were still merry.

Ah, put pen to the paper?

She asked when I rested,

My poems would save her,

For my heart was invested.

I wrote her a canto,

She was so happy,

She told me, “I can’t go,

Till you finish it for me.”

By then, it was nightfall,

The stars were all glowing,

She showed me them all,

So I wrote without knowing.

I wrote some strange things,

For my eyes were distracted,

By those Heavenly Beings,

To which my Spirit reacted.

When her eyes read that verse,

Her heart and soul melted,

She knew I was hers,

For her Spirit now felt it.

The things that I wrote,

Yet not I, but my Spirit,

I was never showed,

But I forever now hear it.

Her heartbeat on mine,

I feel to this day,

No words can describe,

How Love gets its way.

Written by: Moses Y. Mikheyev

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