Bleeding Roses

Ah, to see your face again

Those shadows dancing on your skin

Reflecting aches of looks that kill

All my hopes, paint-layer thin

But nothing lasts in this cold moment

My gaze unwanted, though you still own it

I had a soul—for you I’ve sold it

Is there a Christ for my atonement?

Is there a chance that you would offer?

I know you well enough, don’t bother

To know, like sheep led to the slaughter

I know nothing of your loves and lovers

Do you not think that I had noticed?

Was it all steam without a purpose?

Oh God! It seems I do deserve this:

Hurricane-churned heart and bleeding roses

Melancholy—that brute obsession

Devils replaced my prized possessions

Had I obtained your daft permission…

Why not decide your own decisions?

You see, even the insane trod that path

Where love and lust is solved by math

Where thoughts of saint and sinner clash

You wouldn’t know, or would you, ma’am?

Was I polite? was I rude to you?

Were you a ghost or did I see through you?

I’m all scarlet-lettered over you

You wouldn’t know or would you?


Poem written by Moses Y. Mikheyev


Dedicated to the once and future, L. Wells

In memory of a romance that would not be…

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